The Faces Behind Alluvia

Zahira Chaudry is a Leo and a Bay Area native. She is finishing her environmental science degree and trying to survive toxic academia. She is a self-taught photographer, environmentalist and soil researcher. She has worked in journalism, social media, education and environmental organizing. One time she did stand-up comedy and made people uncomfortable. She thinks about lactose-intolerance a lot. She hopes to create a space where art and environmentalism intersect to communicate the stories of those most vulnerable to climate change 🌱

Isaias Hernandez was born and raised in Los Angeles before moving up to the Bay Area in 2014. He received is B.S. in Environmental Science in May 2018 and is currently working in a creative agency that provides a platform for models, photographers, and videographers to connect with each other and work with brands. He is a social media enthusiast and believes in the power that social media has to connect, influence, and uplift people throughout the world. He has done research within urban agriculture in the Bay Area and was involved in the Students of Color Environmental Collective during his time on campus. He has been in videos for UC Berkeley, Everlane, and other companies. He hopes to collaborate with several environmental artists of color to create a dynamic community and support for communities.

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