5 Things That Plants Provide To You On A Daily Basis

Plants are the key to our livelihood, not only do they produce oxygen but they have given me the opportunity to be clothed, receive food, and reduce my anxiety. Here are 5 things that plants provide to our planet.

1.) Oxygen- The way we can interact on our planet today, plants release oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis requires sunlight, and this process happens during daylight hours. They take in carbon dioxide and water and form carbohydrates to produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

2.) Food- Yes, the avocado toast that you are eating right now is produced from a plant that took months to bloom. There is a reported of over 20,000 edible species of plants, and less than 20 species are used today to provide our food. Also, let’s not forget that farm workers are picking our food in extreme conditions throughout the season and aren’t being paid fairly.

3.) Shelter- Plants not only provide shelter for animals in the wild but plants such as bamboo, wood, and many more plants have been used in several ancient cultures to produce their homes. While we may not see it directly in our own livelihoods, your house probably has some plant material in it!

4.) Fibers/ Clothes- Plants such as cotton, flax, and hemp are used by designers and manufacturers to produce cloth. The plants provide fiber that can be used to make certain clothing; it was also used in their respective regions.

5.) Reduce your Stress & Anxiety– According to a study, researchers suggested that interacting with indoor plants such as smelling or touching can reduce your anxiety. Not only do they clean in-door toxic chemicals that may linger from outside but they provide a lot of oxygen in your space. If you haven’t considered buying plants in your room you should invest, it has helped me!

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