Why You Deserve To Be Paid For Your Environmental Art

POC environmental artists are always under-compensated for their contributions towards their field. Recently, I’ve been able to talk to several environmental creatives, and they have shared with me that while they love the work they do — it doesn’t help pay the bills. Here are some things to remember for any environmental artist out there!

Don’t be afraid to ask to get paid for a project! I always ask before projects are presented to me if it’s a free collaboration or paid collaboration — this holds the person accountable to give you a clear answer. 

Scale-out your pricing if you are being asked to post something on your Instagram regarding a product or even giving a shout out to a company. This is so important because your own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets are your portfolios. 

Collaboration is key for cultivating new friendships and partnerships. I couldn’t believe the number of environmental artists I’ve been able to collaborate with because of the power of social media.  Many of my new friends that I’ve met since creating Alluvia (1/2 Co-Founder) have been able to connect me with other POC environmental artists in their networks. Take small steps if you want to collaborate, make a list of people you’d be interested in working with or even proposing your work to them to be considered.

While I understand that this journey isn’t comfortable for any upcoming POC environmental artist, I hope it cultivates the idea that your labor is worth something and you should never feel ashamed for asking for compensation. 

If you ever want to reach out for personal advice on building your brand or have comments feel free to reach out.

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