Queens Without Amazon

in the future i see warm eyes

meet the gaze of the center of our universe.

made translucent before the

body itself centers.

arms pop at the joints trying to meet the reach of God. 

antiquated attempts at unity, (word to adam)

before realizing the futility. 

eyes delay communicating they’ve already 

seen God this morning and the body grows 

warm in its presence.

citrine shimmers both in the skin and 

around the neck

and vibes, energy, whatever its name

envelopes the room. 

“thank you for another day”

in the future i see sun at high tide,

little brown feet running through cool mist.

toes bend parallel to the tar pavement, 

storing energy

like the solar panels above them and

spring, releasing the tension with arms extended,

celebrating another leaky hydrant.

little brown feet patter 

next to ants carrying crumbs 

from a chopped cheese.

antennas flow with communication. 

they, too, rejoice for their fortune.

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