The Vegan App That Will Make You Give Up Meat, But Not Give Up Love

I recently sat down with the founder of Veggly App, a new dating app that revolves around vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based lifestyles. Alex created Veggly app because he believes that people want to date others that also care about animals, environment, and health. 

Why is Veggly different from other social dating apps?

“We believe that everyone who is on the app loves the idea that they can find other vegans, vegetarians, or plant-based people that share similar lifestyles. We’ve had more than 10,000 Veg Matches since the app has been out. It’s hard to get a veg match since you have to consider your geography filter, age limitation, and even your preference/ orientation — so sometimes you’re not going to have a lot of people in your area but when you get a veg match, its a lot more valuable. Its people who respect animals, people, and the environment.”

How does Veggly spread environmental awareness?

“We do a lot based on our marketing techniques — like I said we’ve done posts about Earth Day and promoting veganism because of the impact it has on the environment. From the existence of our app, we promote and make it easier for people who are vegan to find like-minded people and have these types of conversations regarding the environment. We hope that by users connecting with others through social media that it gains momentum to spread environmental values.”

Why do you think it’s important for people who are vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based want to date people who have similar lifestyles?

“Normally, vegans don’t support the enslavement/treatment of animals in the factory farm industry. Meat eaters are essentially contributing to the emissions of CO2 and environmental degradation. Most people decide to join Veggly because they don’t feel comfortable having a relationship with a meat eater. It’s sometimes harder to date someone who is not vegan because of different dietary restrictions/values that a person may carry. Of course, there are different sides when it comes towards meat eaters and vegans, and every person has different views when it comes to their partner being vegan.”

Do you feel as if more Millennials and Generation Z  are converting towards veganism, vegetarian, or plant-based lifestyles?

“Absolutely, on Instagram, for example, and even our Facebook page analytics, we see the distribution of age and its amazing to see how many young people are following us and are interested in veganism. From the ages of 18, we have users who were vegan since they were born. For some of these users, they are already born or receptive to the idea of vegetarian/veganism; they are more inclined to practice it. But also its because there is more information readily available. You can find documentaries on youtube or Netflix regarding animal cruelty and the environmental footprint left by the animal agriculture industry. It’s just that before people would just follow the behavior of eating what they want, but now social media communicates information and generation Z have the will power to change the world and are willing to change their behavior, especially when they see tremendous indication that meat is bad for the environment, animals, and humans.”

Veggly app is a fantastic opportunity for any environmentalist out there wanting to meet other like-minded individuals. Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, you can still join the app for those who are in transition. The app can be found at HERE and is available on Android and iOS stores.

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